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At Zpixels, we strive hard to understand our clients' products & target audience, create brand, design unique & optimum user experiences and develop cutting edge web solutions which are ready for desktop, tablet and mobile. Partnering with Zpixels assures that our esteem clients can focus on what they know best - their business, while we take care of the tools & technology to help them reach their customer base effectively and efficiently.

Zpxiels Inc comprises of a dynamic, friendly and highly talented team which strives hard and delivers quality solutions. Prior to becoming part of Zpixels, the team members (for numerous years) rendered their services designing and developing solutions for large corporations, mid-size companies as well as emerging businesses (eBay, Paypal, Bravo, ABC, NBC, Revolution Studios, Miramax, GSN, Lions Gate Films, Martha Stewart, Fox, Computer Associates, Veritas, Symantec, Dell, iPolicy, Mimosa, VMware, Whamix, Kaybus, SeeItFirst to name a few). The team also has vast experience designing graphics, creative photography and producing multimedia solutions, corporate videos, commercials, documentaries and feature films.

At Zpixels, art and technology blend seamlessly.

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